Youth Ministries

Bethel Youth Ministries

Discipleship Groups:

  1. Guy Discipleship Group – Wednesday’s 7:00pm at the Blum Home – Led by Jared Anderson, Nathan Coleston & Brandon Blum
  2. High School Girls Discipleship – Meeting Day Varies – Led by Rebecca Miller, Karina Miller & Mercedes Lehman.
  3. Team Adventure (New Guys Group) – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, Beginning in May – Led by Nathan Coleston & Darren Flyckt
  4. Girls Group (New Group) – Starting up Soon – Led by Brianne Coleston & Ronda Glasgow.

Our goal is to help youth faithfully follow Jesus Christ and this is the focus of our discipleship groups. Each group is a little different, but all are centered around growing spiritually with a group of other youth through Bible study, prayer, and engaging life with a group of friends. We love to have fun while we grow in our faith – both in our small groups and when we are all together! This can include everything from outreach to target shooting!

Monthly Events: 

On a monthly basis our discipleship groups all gather together as a larger group for outreach, activities, retreats, camps, and just having a great time together! Some of our favorites are  Tubing the Washougal River, Caroling, and Summer Camps! See the church calendar page for specific dates or ask Family Pastor Nathan Coleston if you need more information.

Summer Camps & Retreats: 

  1. Crestview 4th/5th – July 12th-15th
  2. Crestview Middle School – July 12-16th
  3. ETV High School – July 29th – Aug 4th


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